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Dear all,

We are offering Autumn Sale with everything else at 10% discount! Use coupon code "AUTUMN". Take advantage of discounts on thousands of products, including Drones, Smart phones/tablets, E-cigarette mods and all the futuristic items!

Date: 15 September 2018 00:00- 16 September 2018 23:59 (UTC-6)
Offer: Site-wide 10% off

Special notices:

1. The coupon code can not be used with drop shipping orders.
2. Offer valid: 15 September 2018 00:00- 16 September 2018 23:59 (UTC-6).
3. This offer is not to be combined with other offers.
4. This promotion is valid on and
5. OVMS products are not included in this promotional offer.


페텍 10% 할인이 떳습니다.




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