[헬스케빈]국경일 세일 20%

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Dear Customer,

Here comes the National Day Sale, we are offering 20% OFF discount for all the products at HealthCabin, shop with us from 30th Sept. to 10th Oct,  you’ll get your faves with the lowerest price.

Coupon info:

Code: CN20

Date: 30th Sept – 10th Oct 2018

Meanwhile, we will arrange shipping during the holiday, check below for details.

Warehouse Couriers Shipping Deadline Before Holiday Shipping Date After Holiday Available Shipping Date During Holiday
SHENZHEN Fedex 6PM 30th Sep, 2018 7th Oct, 2018 7th Oct, 2018
DHL, UPS, Fedex, Dedicated Line, Airmail 6PM 30th Sep, 2018
HONGKONG DHL, UPS, Fedex, Dedicated Line, Airmail 12AM 28th Sep, 2018 8th Oct, 2018 4th Oct, 2018
US USPS, Fedex 6PM 30th Sep, 2018 7th Oct, 2018 2nd Oct, 2018
4th Oct, 2018
7th Oct, 2018
Australia AU Post, Toll
EU DHL, GLS, Airmail



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