FastTech 8th Anniversary: 15% off Site-Wide Coupon Sale

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To celebrate the 8th anniversary of FastTech, we have prepared a discount of 15% on the Site-wide and provided hundreds of surprise products as lucky bags, and there are more surprises waiting for you!

----------------- Celebration Part 1 ----------------------

15% OFF Site-wide Discount Date:
Sep 1st, 2020 -Sep 2nd, 2020 (UTC-6)

Coupon Code: FASTTECH2020

----------------- Celebration Part 2 ----------------------

Free Gift - FastTech Exquisite Storage Bag. Limited quantity. First come first serve.

Please note:
The free bag will ship in random color from SKU 9266000 SKU 9266001 SKU 9266002.

----------------- Celebration Part 3 ----------------------

Special Lucky Bags - Make Your Order with Full of Surprises.

5 types of Lucky Bags with the most valuable price to you. Each lucky bag contains a variety of products, we will randomly choose one to add to your order.

Please note:
You can participate in lucky bag activities once your order over $20(over-bought or low-priced order is invalid).
Each kind of lucky bag is limited to purchase in one order.
Purchase lucky bags separately will be automatically canceled.

Please Check the Lucky Bags:

Coming Soon!

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