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Dovpo & Vaping Bogan Blotto Single Coil RTA


The  Dovpo x Vaping Bogan Blotto Single Coil RTA vape atomizer comes with 23.5mm diameter & 2.8ml straight glass / 5.0ml bubble glass. Dovpo Blotto Single Coil RTA combines 272 degree airflow & strengthened AFC ring & base to offer dual diffusion airflow for the smoothest draw. Blotto Single Coil RTA is easy to build single coil and refill. You can expect all the things you loved about the original, from the new Blotto Single Coil RTA. Such as great flavor, smooth airflow, user-friendly operation. Designed for single coil direct lung vaping.


Original Honeycomb Air Flow


The Blotto Single Coil DL Vaping RTA continues the original honeycomb air ring, which is smooth to adjust. It also comes with honeycomb holes insides the posts to provide the advanced air diffusion solution. When the air flows through the RTA, the honeycomb holes deliver the air evenly through the wire & cotton, offering superior flavor to match your taste. You can tell the E-liquid profile layer by layer from one deep puff.




Improved Cotton Well 


In order to offer the best flavor, the cotton well of the Blotto Single RTA has narrowed to the perfect size for single coil cottons, so the juice will be vaporized adequately and rich of layering. However, the cotton well’s not too narrow either, so even vapers who are new to RBA vape can set the coil and the cottons easily.  




Elevated Metal Backed Airflow Posts


For the latest Blotto Single RTA posts, we utilized stainless steel to seal the honey-combed style posts, to be more tolerable to the heat. The positive and negative posts formed a 272°circle where the built wire sits. When vaping, the air goes through the posts and be diffused from the honeycomb holes to the wet cotton evenly, to provide the refreshing and loyal taste to vapers.




Top Refill Design


The reliable top refilling design prevents the leaking risks. Simply twist the cap and open the top cap, refill the juice and push it back and twist it again, and you’re ready to experience the awesome vaping.






510 threading connection
Material: Stainless steel + PCTG + Glass
Capacity: 2.8ml / 5.0ml
272 Degree airflow
Improved metal-backed airflow posts
Strengthened AFC ring & base
Dual diffusion airflow for the smoothest draw
Easy filling




More details, please check >>

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    3fvape 2021.08.26. 19:14 작성자
    First Batch of Dovpo Blotto Single Coil RTA arrived, now in stock.

    Quick link to get this Blotto RTA Single Coil >>

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